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Снайперские винтовки-5

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gfst написал(а):

Оставлю ссылку, если интересно https://vk.com/ak.svd.upgrade

Вот за это спасибо.
понесу в ВК


gfst написал(а):

Да, вы правы, иногда нужно увеличивать фото, а не смотреть превью )))
Это изделие от "Рок и Ровка".
на фото 2-й ОБрСпН ЗВО МО России.

Оставлю ссылку, если интересно https://vk.com/ak.svd.upgrade

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PSG-1 у итальянцев


KORVIN написал(а):

PSG-1 у итальянцев

Italian NOCS -- Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza or Central Security Operations Group

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Greenfox написал(а):

Italian NOCS -- Nucleo Operativo Centrale di Sicurezza or Central Security Operations Group

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Жалко разрешение у многих интересных старых фото как на домофон  :(


Шведы хотят себе новую снайперку в .338 (опционально .308). Букв много.

Отсюда: https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/201 … ed-forces/

In FMV’s liking, the system should consist of Multi caliber bolt-action rifle, including Scope mount, Back up iron sight, Suppressor, Muzzle brake, Bipod, Tripod, Weapon sling, Drag-bag and Equipment for maintenance.

A selection of long-range bolt-action rifles. However only one could possibly pass Swedish FMV’s requirements. Do you know which one? (Picture by author)

The weapon should be in caliber 8.6mm Lapua or Norma Magnum (.338), but should also be able to use 7.62 mm with a barrel change.

It should be possible to change the caliber of the weapon by changing bolt/bolthead, barrel and magazine.

There should be a rail for mounting optical sights, Night vision sights and sensors (like Range Finding lasers) on top of the weapon. The top-rail should cover the length of the top of the receiver and handguard, in other words, a free-floating barrel. The interface of the top-rail should be STANAG 4694 and the top rail should have an incline of 9 mrad/30MOA.

A Norwegian Army Telemark Battalion sniper engages a target using a night vision optics (U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt. Benjamin Haulenbeek)

The main parts of the weapon (receiver, bolt, chassis or stock, trigger unit) should have a technical lifespan of at least 6,000 rounds 8.6mm. Tests should be done in accordance with section 2.5, subsection 2.5.6 in NATO D/14 Handbook.

Barrel wear is to be evaluated with test method and the ammunition to be used is to be 50% Ball ammunition, 25% Armor piercing incendiary and 25% Armor piercing ammunition.

The main parts of the weapon (receiver, bolt, chassi or stock, trigger unit) should also have a technical lifespan of at least 7,000 rounds 7.62mm.

AI AXMC (photo by Accuracy International)

The 8.6 mm barrel should fulfill the dispersion requirements up to at least 2000 rounds.

The 7.62 mm barrel should fulfill the dispersion requirements up to at least 7000 rounds.

The 8.6mm system should have reliability of MRBS (Mean Rounds Between Stoppages) of at least 1 000 rds (Class I) and MRBF at least 6 000 rds (Class II & III)

It should be possible to load and clear the weapon of ammunition while the safety is engaged.

The suppressor should reduce impulse noise to 135 dB(C) or less.

With regards to the buttstock, it should be adjustable in length, have adjustable cheek support and it should be foldable.

The handguard should have interface for accessories-rails.

The handguard interface should be according to SPUHR-interface design.

The handguard interface should enable mounting of accessories-rails in 3, 6 and 9 o’clock pattern on the complete length of the handguard.

The handguard should withstand forces induced when using the bipod or a barricade as shooting support without causing the top rail to diverge more than 0,1mrad from the bore axis.

The weapon should have backup iron sights.

The bipod should be mounted directly to the hand-guard or with a STANAG 4694 interface.

The main colour should be equivalent to RAL7013 or Pantone 19-0822 TCX. That is a Brown Grey color.

All parts should have a reflection of the surface coating low enough to make the system appear dark. Tests should for all materials be done in accordance with section 2.16.1 in NATO D/14 Handbook

Visual spectra, reflectivity, ref. ISO 7724
Ultraviolet: wavelength 0,20 to 0,30 nm (UV)
Near-Infrared: wavelength 0,7 to 2,5 μm (NIR)
Mid-Infrared: wavelength 3 to 5 μm (MIR)
Far-Infrared: wavelength 8 to 12 μm (FIR)”
Note that there are a lot of “should”, not “must”, in the requirements. But whichever supplier that can tick most of the boxes will increase their chances I am sure.


K14 저격총 제원]
구경(Caliber) : 7.62 X 51mm(.308 Win.)
중량(Weight) : 7.0kg(w/o scope)
작동방식(Operating System) : 단발장전식(Bolt Action)
- 총열장(Barrel) : 609.6mm(24”)
- 전체(Overall) :  1,150mm(45.27”)
강선(Barrel Rifling)
- 강선수(Number of Grooves) : 4
- 강선방향(Twist of Rifling) : 우측회전(Right Hand)
- 강선률(Pitch of Rifling) : 304.8mm(12 ̋)
유효사거리(Effective Range) : 800m (MAX 1200m)
정확도(Accuracy) : 1.0 MOA
탄창용량(Magazine Capacity) : 5rds, 10rds
광학조준경(Optical Scope) : 3 ~ 12 X