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В Европу привезли М1 оборудованный под Трофи, но без него, с баластом вместо наполнителя.




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Планы по закупкам М1А2С на FY21, отсюда Army Financial Management & Comptroller
В FY18 сделали первые 120 штук, по 9,6 млн $, FY19 закупили 168 машин по стоимости 9,1 млн $, FY20 заказано 165 танков, FY21 89. Дальше до 2025 еще 413. Итого планируют закупить 955, из которых 288 уже есть. Средняя стоимость выходит 10.2 млн $ за штуку, программа 9.8 млрд $.
Если все верно, долго М1А2С до юзеров идут.
В документах М1А2С по прежднему имеют М1А2 SEP v3.
Интересный момент, пишется о 1412 ранние закупленых М1А2 SEP v2/v3, однако если просмотреть FY18, то в к 2017 сделали 1611, в 17м еще 27 должны были сделать, но FY19, идет уже 1264 танка изготовленых до 2017, в последнем должны были сделать 24 финальных М1А2 SEP v2-пропали 347 М1 ^^ . FY20 уже 1292 М1А2 SEP v2 изготовленых до 2018, дальше в производство запустили М1А2С. Получается всего до 2018 изготовили 1639 или без пропавших 1292 М1А2 SEP v2. Причем первое количество сходится с другими известными данными. Закралось подозрение что исчезнувшие в 2018м 347 М1А2 SEP v2, могли пойти на переделку в М1А2С

Описания что входит в М1А2С

FY21 написал(а):

The purpose of this program is to upgrade existing Abrams tank variants to the M1A2 SEPv3 tank configuration in order to enhance tank survivability, the automotive power pack, computer systems, night vision capabilities, and provide total package fielding and new equipment training. The M1A2 SEPv3 incorporates turret and hull armor upgrades, including reactive armor tiles and countermines, for enhanced rew
survivability; Total Integrated Engine Revitalization (TIGER) engine and upgraded transmission for improved power pack reliability and durability; improved computer systems to include microprocessors, color flat panel displays, memory capacity, Soldier-Machine Interface (SMI), a new operating system designed to run the Common Operating Environment (COE) software; and Block 1 Second Generation Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) technology in the Gunner's Primary Sight (GPS) and the Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer (CITV) Sight Assembly for improved thermal ranging night vision capabilities. The Abrams Upgrade Program will modify and upgrade the Abrams tank while improving and maintaining production processes that involve or support the Abrams Industrial Base requirements for the current and future Аbrams tank.

FY20 написал(а):

Abrams Field Upgrades (MOD 2): Provides funding for components and labor for required safety and other field related modifications. These modifications correct or alleviate operational deficiencies,
improve reliability and maintainability, correct faulty performance or quality, reduce logistical support requirements, standardize equipment and training devices, prevent injury or damage to equipment, and
meet environmental protection standards identified during testing, training exercises, or combat. Field modifications include Blue Force Tracking (BFT) 2 and Mounted Family of Computer System (MFoCS),
Ammunition Data Link (ADL), Common Remote Operated Weapon Station Low Profile (CROWS-LP), light-weighting, or any other gap identified by the Combat or Material Developer. Installation of hardware is
either cascaded into the production line in an ECP or applied on a unit-by-unit basis by several field modification teams and is determined by funding availability. Installation costs are included in the contractor
costs and cannot be broken out. Contractor dates will vary by individual component. Additionally, this modification line funds testing as well as System Technical Support (STS) from General Dynamics Land
Systems (GDLS), General Dynamics Canada (GDC), Raytheon, and DRS Technologies. Formerly, these costs were funded in the Abrams Program support line but were moved to this MOD 2 because STS
and testing validation efforts are used to modify the tank in support of field upgrades and fielding. Vehicle Health Management System and Embedded Training (VEM) will be funded under MOD 3 since it will no
longer be a field mod upgrade.
Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) 1A (Power) (MOD3): Funding for M1A2 SEP V3 includes the procurement and application of Army Directed requirements for Space, Weight, and Power-Cooling (SWAPC)
buyback components during the recapitalization (RECAP) of the Abrams tank. Each vehicle will be overhauled to a zero hour/zero mile condition and then reassembled with the following additional hardware:
Handheld Manpack Small (HMS), Power Generation/Distribution improvements including Battery Monitoring System (BMS), 1000 Amp Generator, Slip Ring, Counter Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive
Device Electronic Warfare (CREW) III integration, Next Generation Armor, Ammunition Data Link (ADL) integration to enable firing of programmable munitions, and Under Armor Auxiliary Power Unit (UAAPU).
Armor (MOD 4): The Department of Energy (DOE) provides Abrams Armor. PM Abrams kept the armor facility at a sustainable level to maintain the industrial base and minimize the loss of skilled labor. In that
regard, FY16 and beyond procures full Next Evolution Armor (NEA) packages which are applied during M1A2 SEP V3 vehicle recapitalization.
Program/Engineering Support (MOD 5): This modification line funds government program/project managers' salaries, benefits, TDY, office automation, administration, and supplies. These funds also provide for
dedicated functional support from the Tank Automotive Command (TACOM), Army Research and Development Command (ARDEC), Anniston Army Depot (ANAD), Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (JSMC),
Abrams Material Fielding Team (MFT) at Ft. Hood, Texas, and other government sites.
Power Pack Improvement & Integration Optimization (MOD 6): This modification reduces the Operating and Support (O&S) cost of the Abrams Tank power train. It equips the Abrams fleet with a more reliable,
durable, and fuel-efficient power pack. It also establishes a single overhaul standard for the vehicle's power train. This modification line funds System Technical Support (STS) from Honeywell for the TIGER
engine and Allison Transmission. This modification line funds System Technical Support (STS) from Honeywell for the TIGER engine / Digital Engine Control Unit (DECU) and from Allison Transmission for the
transmission. Contractor dates will vary by item.

Состав M1A2 SEP v2

[url=https://www.asafm.army.mil/Portals/72/Documents/BudgetMaterial/2017/base%20budget/justification%20book/Weapons%20and%20Tracked%20Combat%20Vehicles.pdf]FY17[/url] написал(а):

The purpose of this program is to upgrade M1/M1A1 tanks to the M1A2 System Enhancement Package (SEP) configuration in order to enhance tank survivability, the automotive power pack, computer systems,
and night vision capabilities. The M1A2 SEP incorporates improved microprocessors; color flat panel displays and memory capacity; Soldier-Machine Interface (SMI); and a new operating system designed to
run the Common Operating Environment (COE) software. Other improvements include frontal and side armor for enhanced crew survivability. Both the Gunner's Primary Sight (GPS) and the Commander's
Independent Thermal Viewer (CITV) on the M1A2 SEP tank include the improved thermal ranging capabilities of the Block 1 2nd Generation Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) technology. The M1A2 SEP
is also equipped with the Total Integrated Engine Revitalization (TIGER) engine and upgraded transmission for improved reliability and durability. The Abrams Upgrade Program will continue to be utilized to
modify and upgrade the Abrams M1A2SEP v2 tank to avoid a break in production and maintain an engineering production and depot maintenance capability for heavy combat vehicle manufacturing, transmission
manufacturing capability, and FLIR manufacturing to support the industrial base. Efforts to develop leaner Abrams production processes and optimize facilities to facilitate lower manufacturing rates in the future
will also be initiated. In FY15 PM Abrams implemented a limited pilot program to produce the next version M1A2 Sep v3 tank in lieu of producing additional M1A2 Sep v2 tanks.

зы если принять стоимость нового Т-90МС в 130 млн руб, то на ети сресдтва можно прикупить 4900, пентагоновский молоток в действии-один М1А2С по стоимости 5 Т-90МС

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Сборка карусели для FARS-а. И сам концепт FARS. Планировали поставить на службу после 2000 г. Но конец холодной войны и всё такое.
https://thedeaddistrict.blogspot.com/20 … ncept.html



Не вписался 8-)
Не плохо видно сбитый экран М1



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Сегодня легендарный M1 именинник - отмечает 39-летие со дня официального присвоения имени "M1".

В марте и апреле 1979 года Совет по обзору закупок системы армии (ASARC) III и Совет по обзору закупок системы обороны (DSARC) III, соответственно, рекомендовали XM1 для низкоскоростного начального производства (LRIP) из 110 танков, которые должны быть собраны в LATP. Эта рекомендация была одобрена министром обороны 7 мая 1979 года, и первые два эксплуатационных танка были доставлены на специальной церемонии приемки 28 февраля 1980 года, на которой танк был официально назван в честь покойного генерала Крейтона У. Абрамс, начальникa штаба армии и известный командующий доспехами во Второй мировой войне. Автомобили LRIP проходили испытания фазы DT / OT в трех частях с войсковыми частями с сентября 1980 года по май 1982 года. В январе 1981 года XM1 достиг первоначальной боеспособности (OIC) в Форт Худе, Техас.
Специалисти ASARC в феврале 1981 года одобрилы производство 7058 танков из расчета 30 в месяц. 17 февраля 1981 года танк был классифицирован по стандарту как танк M1 Abrams. Производство 60 танков в месяц - по 30 танков на LATP и DATP - было разрешено в сентябре 1981 года. Производственные поставки начались на DATP в марте 1982 года. Пик общее производство 103 резервуаров M1A1 с обоих заводов было достигнуто в октябре 1986 года.

https://thedeaddistrict.blogspot.com/20 … brams.html